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With ever increasing trends towards healthy eating, our Hog Roast/Spit machines are an obvious choice.  Our machines have been carefully developed by an experienced and dedicated design team who, with a specific eye for detail, combine this with an extensive knowledge in the manufacture of catering equipment.

We at HognSpit pride ourselves on the quality of our machines with reliability, quality and performance second to none.

Although there may be cheaper alternatives, none can boast of the high specifications and detail of ours, with their unique design, enabling heat to circulate ergonomically, thus making them highly efficient.  They are the only machines in the UK that will cook a 100Kg hog. FACT!

Hygienically, user friendly and equally important to our customers, visually appealing.  We can carve and serve your meal direct from the machine (always hot) or from one of our carving stands...

indoors or outdoors!

We can also provide our 1930’s style Ice Cream Bicycle as a dessert option......4 flavours of ice-cream, served in cones or tubs with sprinkles and sauces, (coupled with some Willy Wonka music).  A great and fun way to finish off your meal!

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