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Early civilisation discovered the advantages of spit roasting.  If you lived a couple of hundred years ago, you would have had to cook over an open fire.

Your dinner spun on a long stick that was cut from a surrounding tree and your feast was trussed on the branch.

It must have tasted pretty good as, still to this day, it is the most popular method of cooking; offering a taste truly hard to beat.

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Our Hog Roast/Spit Machines bring this timeless cooking method into the 21st Century with startling results.

Eating should be ‘fun’ and a hog or chickens roasting on a spit is, without doubt, theatrical eating!


Why are we different from the rest?


Simply put, HognSpit has earned a reputation for product and service excellence.  Our Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker are all local produce champions

Our produce is cooked/served and carved on site to perfection by our suitable experienced and qualified chefs, exactly as you like it.

Juicy, mouth watering free range pork, fresh 'day baked' bread, hot 'hand blended' Bramley Apple Sauces accompanied with our home made stuffing and the best sea salted crispy crackling you will ever taste.

As a speciality we also rotisserie cook whole chickens (up to 70 at a time!), made even tastier with our special (secret!) blend of herbs and spices.

Fresh, never frozen, slow roasted chickens, one or both (1/2 hog 1/2 chicken), cooked and served at the same time guarantee a memorable culinary experience....

Pleasing to the eye as much as the tongue..

Don't forget as well as our amazing roasts we also do a variety of canapes, starters, a carvery service, BBQs and a variety of fresh deserts.

We are, and proudly continue to be, the supplier of choice for Hog Roasts, Spit Roasted Chicken and an ever expanding variety of tastes in Wiltshire and the South West.


We are now delivering our price promise!

We will match (or beat) any ‘like for like’ catering quote for one of our services...That’s a promise!

HONESTY & VALUE FOR MONEY...Our price, produce and menu for your wedding is no different from any other occasion (unlike the rest). We will also 'tailor' a package for your requirements for a great price.

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Here at HognSpit Catering we provide a variety of menus that will make you come back for more & more!

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